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Randy Lariscy said:   September 27, 2007 7:18 pm PST
I have been fishing with Joe for 4 years now and must admit, Joe is the offshore captain to beat. Even though he seems to be getting high tech as he ages,weather satalite,color bottom reader,2 or 3 gp's due to all the honey hole #'s. He is one hell of a captain when it comes to catching the mack daddy monsters of the sea. When I first started fishing with Joe we would hit a hole and if a fish wasn't caught within 5 min, Joe would say reel em up were leaving. In those days Joe pulled the anchor by hand in 160-180 ft of water. He would do this all day long 40 to 50 times. I wouldn't dare say anything due to # and size of the fish we were catching but I would be thinking to myself "DAMN", this guy loves fishing or crazy one or the other. Which ever, I didn't care all I know was, I had found heaven on earth when I met Joe. Joe, thanks for all of the GREAT TRIPS, even the 15 and 18 hour trips. Joe is simply the best at what he does and trust me folks, if you have an oppurtunity to book a charter with Joe, you better book it, start eating your wheaties and get ready for a trip of a lifetime.

Phil Klotz said:   September 10, 2007 6:24 am PST
I have been fishing with Joe Miller for about 5 years. After fishing the New York, New Jersey area most of my life, I thought I had seen it all. I fish with Joe about 3 times each month. I have never caught so many fish. What I like most is that here in Florida I can do this all year long. If you are looking for a great day of fishing ,Capt. Joe is the man to see. Be sure to take your vitamins if you go. Some of these fish are BIG!

Skip, John, Casey, Daniel, Bert & T.D. said:   August 23, 2007 4:26 am PST
Capt' Joe Miller you REALLY know how to put 'em on the fish. Had the best fish "CATCHING" day that I can remember. Still creating new ways to prepare the catch that we'll be serving up for many more occassions on all of our tables. Bert had about 50 people over and all of our crew dined on the bounty of the catch the night before. We're all back in our own digs now trying to serve it all up before we have to freeze the rest. WHAT A GREAT DAY OF FISHING... THANKS CAPT. JOE !!!!!

Nathan and Amy Lee said:   August 13, 2007 8:41 am PST
Joe Miller is the best captain I have ever had the oppurtunity to fish with anytime I wanna go offshore its with him. Thank you very much Joe for all the great trips you have taken my family on. Nathan and Amy

Mark, Nick & Becky said:   August 12, 2007 10:08 am PST
Capt. Joe sures knows where the fish are at. What a great time we had fishing in the Gulf on our vacation. We'll be telling stories about this trip for a long time. You'd be crazy not to fish with Capt. Joe!! Thanks, Joe (and Ellen) for a wonderful time...

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